The innovative Cleansing series by VYON is a highly balanced cleansing concept. It removes sebum, dirt particles from the environment and make-up whilst supplying the skin with nutrients. This is the only way that skin care products and their active ingredients can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin to unfold their properties there.

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cleansing_milkQuality mild cleansing milk for all skin types with intensive cleansing properties for an optimised anti-aging effect. The light Cleansing Milk thoroughly removes sebum, dirt particles and make-up. Even eye make-up is removed gently but thoroughly. The soothing active ingredient complex helps prevent irritations and nourishes even the most sensitive skin. (200ml)


cleansing_gelMild Cleansing Gel for a clean, fresh skin feeling. Selected substances loosen and remove excess oil and regulate unwanted oily shine. At the same time the skin flora is optimized, reducing impurities and preventing their reappearance. (200ml)


cleansing_tonicalcFacial tonic with alcohol for the intensive cleansing of greasy, oily or combination skin. The refreshing tonic clears the pores, removes skin impurities, has a light disinfecting action and a pleasantly invigorating effect. (200ml)


cleansing_tonicnoalcThis light, moisturizing facial tonic soothes the skin quickly and gently. The high concentration of active ingredients in the tonic without alcohol has been developed for a balanced complexion. (200ml)


cleansing_enzymeThe enzyme peel contains fruit proteins, which are known for their lipolytic and proteolytic properties. They dissolve the inter-cell paste between the keratinocytes, which is removed together with the dead skin particles and impurities. At the same time cell renewal is stimulated for a fresh complexion and clear and soft skin appearance. (50ml)