„We love beauty“

Visionary thinking and authenticity complement each other in VYON Visibly Younger

VYON successfully develops cosmetic product lines and treatment concepts for both the national and the international beauty market.

From the idea, strategic planning, brand development to naming, packaging and the corporate design and corporate communication, VYON Visible Younger is successful in offering the concept and strategy from one single source. Both the successful brand and the beauty concept inspire strong feelings in the customer.

With high-quality products, well thought through application and proven effectiveness, VYON assumes an active role in healthy skin. With this in view, the company focuses on its key skills in which they have proven to have excellent know-how and offer innovative cosmetic solutions for a better quality of life.

The development of VYON Visibly Younger does not only satisfy the users’ demand, but also catches the attention of the whole beauty industry. The enormous demand clearly reflects that luxury cosmetics and good design are less an end in itself than they are a key selling point.

VYON Visibly Younger – Product philosophy

The unique concept of the label VYON Visibly Younger specifically targets the high quality, effective and demanding high-tech skin care sector. The aim is to launch “new traditions by developing the distinctive and unique values of luxurious cosmetic products Made in Germany”. This synergistic product portfolio of rich active ingredient cosmeceuticals for beauty savvy and confident consumers offers individuality and exclusivity for all skin types and a skin care tailored to suit the needs of face and body.

The brand stands for “advanced skin care” and is defined primarily by the key skin care lines in the areas of
– Anti-aging
– Antioxidants
– Sensitive, irritated skin
– Impure skin
– Peel & White fruit acids + lightening substances
– Specials (individual products)
– Fluids (active ingredient concentrates)
– Cleansing products

The highlight and benefit of the individual product lines is the maximum impact of the synergistic effect to allow for a much more comprehensive and universal use than that of compact cosmetics collections. Based on the many years of experience in the cosmetics industry, VYON research only uses effective and tested active ingredients in high concentrations to achieve the desired skin care results in a goal-oriented manner.

It is particularly in skin care that innovative ingredients can make the difference. Preventive care: VYON Visibly Younger covers and optimizes all the skin’s needs for a youthful and beautiful skin. VYON Visibly Younger matches this credo with a variety of specific skin care solutions. These module solutions, which can be combined as required, reflect the zeitgeist of future skin care in cosmetics.

The product system is complemented by unique treatment concepts, which have been developed to target
– normal or combination skin
– dry, stressed, sensitive, pigmented, oily or blemish-prone skin
– sun-damaged and pigmented skin or premature skin aging

Research & Development

Effective and balanced formulas demonstrate the extensive know-how of the VYON management in dealing with high-tech cosmetics. Practical knowledge and experience of skin specialists and proven experts in the field of development influence the continuous innovative power in the development of products and product series.

Manufacturing and production are carried out according to own requirements and the highest quality standards in rigorously selected high-tech laboratories in Germany. The formulas guarantee the best results at the highest level. An intensive and analytical discussion of the market preceded the product development to incorporate the latest scientific findings and research into the synergistic cosmetics range. Tested and high-quality procedures in all processing steps guarantee high product quality and product safety. This process is carried out under the strict rules of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Additionally, all ingredients are tested, inspected and approved by independent institutes. It is through these methods that all VYON products offer exclusive “active ingredient complexes”.