VYON Redox is a highly potent active ingredient skin care which supports the cell structure and cell regeneration for a more even skin appearance. The principle of the VYON Redox product series is based on a cosmeceutical skin care which has been developed to counteract skin aging through a unique active ingredient combination. This synergetic product line thus offers anti-aging, antioxidants, protection against photo-aging, anti-inflammatory properties as well as cell regeneration.

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redox_serumThe serum kick starts the potent anti-aging skin care as the highly effective concentrate rebuilds the natural connective networks in the skin. The serum with phyto stem cells and the ACE vitamin cocktail revitalizes the skin, stimulates the formation of cell renewal and protects the skin cells against cell damaging effects. (30ml)


redox_24hcreamSilky 24-hour cream with encapsulated vitamin C and plant stem cells. The cell metabolism is activated by plant stem cells. Tired, dull and poorly perfused skin regains elasticity and an even, radiant appearance. (50ml)


redox_maskA relaxing skin care mask with intensive effect, which pampers stressed skin, supports the skin’s natural regenerative capacity and strengthens the skin’s natural barrier. (50ml)


redox_eyecareThe eye cream with power active ingredients for smooth skin! A particularly effective eye cream, skin-friendly and gently smoothing. Protects the sensitive areas around the eyes with plant-based moisturizers. (15ml)