VYON developed a unique skin care system to target the needs of adult impure skin: VYON Refining has a triple effect: anti-inflammatory – hydrating – firming! Selected ingredients soothe the skin and normalize the skin functions. Impurities disappear faster. The skin looks clear and balanced, the pores refined. The especially combined active ingredients gently balance the skin whilst effectively counteracting the signs of aging at the same time.



refining_fluidThe fluid fulfills several skin care tasks. On the one hand it reduces skin inflammations and excessive formation of sebaceous lipids, on the other hand it improves skin elasticity. (30ml)


refining_maskWhilst enhancing the skin function and minimizing lipid production, the Mask also reduces unpleasant sensations such as itchiness, redness, blemishes and inflammations. (50ml)


refining_specialtonicRefreshing, balancing tonic for the skin care of impure skin prone to inflammations and oily skin. (200ml)


refining_serumThe serum has been developed to loosen the horn cell formations, open comedones, remove sebaceous blockages and accelerate the keratinization. When applied on a regular basis, the skin becomes smooth and soft while small wrinkles and skin irregularities are removed. (200ml)