Especially in this day and age, the skin is exposed to an increasing overload of irritations caused by influences such as summer smog, environmental damage, unhealthy lifestyles or the increasing UV radiation. VYON developed these unique specialty products to suit every skin type and fulfill every skin care request. The complementing products have been matched to be combined with the whole product range by VYON.

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specials_bbcreammediumA toned and gently mattifying skin care for irritated, reddened, large-pored, oily and sensitive skin. For an even, fresh look and a pleasant, non-greasy skin feel. (30ml)

SPF 50

specials_spf50SPF 50 with the unique light texture is especially suitable for the face and sun-sensitive body areas. The high sun protection is ideal for light skin types or for the first hours in the sun. SPF 50 balances structural damage and protects against the visible signs of aging. The texture is easily spread, quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves no greasy or sticky film. The cream can also be used as day care and make-up-base. (30ml)


specials_mattsealMat & Seal can extend the longevity of the cells for a long-lasting young look. The skin does not dry out as fast and looks matte, smooth and fresh. Q 10 energizes the cells to better protect them against environmental influences. This way the regenerative capacity is maintained, existing wrinkles and tightness are significantly improved.  The skin looks soft and silky smooth and the beautiful, powdery texture gives the skin a pleasant last touch. (30ml)